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The Heaven Gastro Lounge is an interesting place. It is located in the trendy Toorak area, on St. Kilda Rd. I scored a nice discount on one of the newer internet coupon sites, so I figured my dinner and experience alone would make it worth it. Before we went to dinner, I read a few reviews of the place and became slightly nervous, due to the mixed feedback on urbanspoon.com. Thankfully, I prefer to form my own opinions. So after work, I took my wife there to celebrate her new job, and I feel somewhat meek for booking a table, seeing that we are the first ones there for dinner at 6pm. That’s fine with me though, because we can sit anywhere we please. The friendly server/bartender greets us warmly and gives us a breakdown of what we’re receiving with our coupon. We both get to choose a drink, and because neither of us want a daiquiri, then two Cosmos it is!

cosmos heaven gasto lounge toorak st. kilda drinks


So while we sip our Cosmos we peruse the menu, and I’m glad I finally get to experience some Modern Australian cuisine. For an appetizer, the 5 spice calamari sells me, and it comes with lotus root and some Spanish Chorizo.

5 spice calamari, heavens gastro lounge, spanish chorizo, lotus root

5 spice calamari with Lotus Root and Spanish Chorizo

The main part of this dish was not the calamari. To me the calamari tasted as if the frying oil was old, although it could’ve been due to one of the spices. Aesthetically, the lotus root wins, and they were delicious too. I wish they served more of them. But the highlight here was the Spanish Chorizo. Awesome stuff. I could eat a bowl full of these little guys and be quite content. While I’m munching on all this, my wife is having an experience with her beetroot and ricotta ravioli with reggiano foam.

beetroot and ricotta ravioli

Beetroot and Ricotta Ravioli with Reggiano Foam

Yes, she is really having an experience, and I’m getting jealous! She claims it’s her favorite ravioli that she can remember, and this tells me from this point forward in our dinner, we are freerolling! It’s already been worth it in her eyes, and by extension, my eyes as well. I get to try a bit and have to agree it is some really good ravioli. I later dip my calamari in the leftover sauce and it upgrades my calamari from barely edible to, “I guess I’ll clean the plate”. We are still the only diners in the restaurant at this point, which I find odd. So we chit chat for around 15 minutes before our entrees arrive.

hunter valley rib eye, heaven gastro lounge, toorak, st. kilda

Hunter Valley Rib Eye

There is some slight confusion here because Tess ordered the rib eye, but we both suspect the steak is actually the t-bone. We never received clarification. Regardless, she really enjoyed her steak with mushroom sauce.

300gm Wagyu Rump 7+ marble score, heaven's gastro lounge, toorak, st. kilda

Wagyu Rump 7+ marble score

There was no confusion with my steak, it was delicious! The seasoning on the wagyu was fantastic, and the chef nailed my requested medium rare temperature. I did my best to eat slow and savor every flavor. Each of our steaks were served with a potato fondant, horseradish cream, and our choice of sauce. I tried the peppercorn sauce but didn’t really use too much of it. I smothered both my potato fondant and wagyu rump with the horseradish cream, and basically I couldn’t get enough. Throughout the night I found myself in a daze thinking about this steak, and wanted another big slab of it. But all in moderation, I guess.

Apple & Rhubarb crumble served with vanilla bean ice cream, heaven gastro lounge, toorak, st. kilda

Apple & Rhubarb crumble with vanilla bean ice cream

For dessert my wife ordered the apple and rhubarb crumble with vanilla bean ice cream. We are both pretty full at this point, but I can’t leave any wounded desserts left behind, so I help her out. Plus, admittedly, this is my first time trying rhubarb (at last!). So I do my best to polish this off, and I succeed.

Lemon grass & Lime leaf Pannacotta, st. kilda, heaven gastro lounge

Lemon grass and Lime leaf Pannacotta

For my dessert, I choose the lemongrass and lime leaf pannacotta with fresh fruit. For some reason lately I’ve really been digging on some lemongrass, and I’m always down for some fresh mango and kiwi. So this was a great way to end my dinner. When our final bill came, and I saw it would have cost just over $200AU, I was glad the meal was already paid for at a massive discount. While my wife and I both really enjoyed our meals, I’m not sure it would have been worth $200AU. Yikes. But that wasn’t the case, so we both walked out satisfied, with my wife thinking about the beetroot and ricotta ravioli, and me dreaming about some more wagyu rump. Cheers.

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