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It’s always a fun experience going out for food on a Friday night. Tess and I ran our options through the probability matrix and decided to try some Malaysian cuisine. We decided on a popular joint in Flemington called Laksa King. We also go early, around 6pm, so we can be assured a seat. As it turns out there were at least 25 people waiting in front of us already, so my experience with the Laksa King would have to wait. So we head to Lygon of course. You really can’t go wrong going to Melbourne’s version of Little Italy, because there’s a plethora of fine establishments which line the street of Lygon. Café Corretto, pleased to meet ya!

After my original meal time was cruelly delayed about an hour, I’m near salivating while perusing the menu. I know Tess is in the same condition as me, so I suggest a pizza to split before our mains. It is a great idea. High five!

white pizza cafe corretto lygon melbourne

White Pizza with Spinach

This pizza was nothing short of amazing. Every ingredient tasted fresh, the cheese was beautiful and plentiful, and the spinach made me feel like Popeye. Alright, I admit I got a little carried away there, but seriously because I was so previously famished I now felt strong after polishing off this pizza with spinach. Just go with it.

I’d have to say one of my favorite Italian foods is a good chicken Parmesan. I’ve only sampled one while in Melbourne, and it was at a somewhat fast food place. So I figured I needed one from a legitimate Italian restaurant. After much deliberation, I went for it, but made a critical error and ordered it with meat sauce instead of just tomato sauce. The server misinformed me dammit!

chicken parmesean lygon cafe corretto

Chicken Parmesan with Meat Sauce

All is not lost with a chicken Parmesan. Granted, the meat sauce took away some from what I would prefer, but it was still good, because I cleaned the plate. I’ve learned my lesson for the night, or at least another one. The first lesson being, head to Laksa King when it opens, or find a less busy night. Bah! I also must admit here my wife’s dish once again trumps mine.

Cardinale cafe corretto lygon

The Cardinale

This pasta was great, with the bare exception being the chicken was not exceptional. It tasted boiled and didn’t have a bunch of flavor. However, everything else in this dish was great. The avocado, fresh tomato, parmesan, and fresh basil and parsley, and a light napoli sauce really made for a flavorful dish. I personally helped Tess finish this thing, but only because I’m a gentleman.

We were going to order some dessert here, but we could see in the window it looked prepackaged. I could be wrong here, but we both came up with the same conclusion, and there’s no need to take the risk when, according to Tess, there was a fantastic dessert/coffee parlor right around the corner. So we take a brief interlude and stroll to the next venue, relatively satisfied at this point.

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