Red Emperor

I am no predictor of the future. While sometimes I dream about food, and sometimes I like to think I dream of future possible events, I never saw the Red Emperor coming. It was a Friday, and me and the wife were making our usual rounds. Unexpectedly we ran into her brother and sister in law. After talking about solar panels, solar companies from China, Germany, and the US, and of course one of my favorite topics, food, T’s older brother invited us out to a dinner with some clients at the mysterious Red Emperor. Me and T had no plans for dinner just yet, so we graciously accepted! When I went home I looked up the menu to the place, and immediately became excited. Our near culinary future looked bright.

So as it turns out, there would be 7 of us for dinner. Me and T think we are late but actually are the first ones to arrive. Naturally, we order a bottle of white wine to get things rolling. Soon after the rest of the gang arrives, which includes both of T’s older brothers, a coworker of theirs, and a business client and his daughter. Enough of the setup, let’s talk about food! Martin and Daniel (her brothers), wisely choose to order the banquet ‘G’, which is the best possible spread of food available. Daniel also opts to add a few more dishes which would be hard to find in China, which includes a Dundee entree.

The food dam has burst, and while I want to take pictures of everything, the atmosphere has a business tone to it. And since I am a guest, I choose not to take any photos. Bah! The first dish which arrives was a Hot & Sour Soup. This was by far my favorite hot and sour soup of all time. Very delicious. The man from China even agreed, it was a 10/10. After the soup we all received a small plate of dim sum. I can’t describe it in great detail, but I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed Tess giving me her prawn dumpling as well. Thank you my dear! Next up was some Peking Duck with plum sauce in a simple wrap. This duck was fantastic! I housed mine immediately, and then lo! Tess doesn’t like duck so much, so once again it’s m0 f0 me. Surprisingly another round of Peking Duck arrives, much to the delight of my taste buds and belly, but to the chagrin of some other diners at the table. Hey duck, GET IN MY BELLY@!!

Before when I said the food dam burst, I lied. After we finished the hors d’ouevres, 6 plates filled with culinary treasure arrive, sure to please any palette. While everyone takes in the beautiful sight of the dishes, Daniel unexpectedly asks me if I’d like to take some pictures of them for my blog. Well hell yeah! You don’t have to ask me twice.

red emperer  golden prawns curry leaves southgate

Golden Prawns with Oatmeal and Curry Leaves

These golden prawns were the first to arrive. Someone mistakenly said they were crocodile at first, so I just shrugged and said they look like prawns to me. When the waiter returned, he informs us they are indeed prawns. You don’t say. At any rate, I thought they were great, but probably wouldn’t order them as a main. There’s simply too many other better options to order.

chinese broccoli and shiitake mushrooms

Chinese Brocolli & Shiitake Mushrooms with Oyster Sauce

I’ve never appreciated mushrooms, both inside and outside the kitchen. It wasn’t until I met a great soul named Jim back in North Carolina, a fellow good beer drinker and mycophile extraordinaire, that I started learning about cooking with fungi, and just general fungal knowledge. Apparently shiitake mushrooms are filled with nutrients and are extremely healthy for you. The Chinese use them often in cooking (along with many others). And so when these mushrooms arrive I can’t wait to try them. Now in theory I love what the mushrooms do for us humans, but my taste buds are still lagging behind a bit! While I thought these were tasty and interesting, especially with the oyster sauce, I could only eat a few of them. Actually, I just wanted to share and let everyone else enjoy them as well! Yeah that’s it.

beef fillet black pepper and sliced garlic

Beef Fillet with Black Pepper and Sliced Garlic

This beef fillet with black pepper and sliced garlic was fantastic! This was my wife’s favorite dish of the night, and I’d have to agree with her. I am slowly learning that she is almost always right. That’s right, ALMOST always. I can’t give in 100% just yet. When our meal was finished, part of me wanted to take everything home, but I knew it wasn’t appropriate. This was the only dish Tess wanted to take as well, so that says a lot about this dish. Alas, we would later walk away with belly’s full of food and satisfaction, but no takeaway.

red emperor southgate chicken with toffee walnuts

Chicken with Toffee Walnuts

The chicken with toffee walnuts was a pretty tasty dish. Nothing too fancy about it, and it’s something most people could enjoy when dining here. Plus the portion size was pretty huge. While this was the only chicken dish at our table, it was not the only dish which tasted like chicken.

crocodile dundee food outback

Stir-Fried Crocodile Fillet with Sliced Almonds

Crocodile tastes like chicken! The texture was slightly fishy, but the taste definitely reminded me of chicken. Not too gamey either. This was my first experience tasting this Dundee cuisine, and for me it was the highlight of the dinner. Not the best part of the dinner, but I’ll always remember this first time eating crocodile. I hope cruel irony doesn’t rear it’s ugly head down the road and I suddenly find myself in the jaws of a hungry crocodile, because that would be BS. Nah, not going to happen.

crocodile with arm

that's not my arm

Too graphic? My bad. I’ll be looking forward to my next experience at this restaurant. It’s located on the water, so every table has an excellent view. The servers were highly attentive, and the general ambiance was comfortable too. It seems they also update their menu seasonally as well, in addition to serving a few other Dundee items. Red Emperor, until next time.

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