The Magic Mint Cafe

It was a magical night for a myriad of reasons. And on this Friday night, me and the wife both agreed some Indian cuisine was in our near future (and near to our house). We decide to book a table at the Magic Mint Cafe, in Moonee Ponds. And for the record, I enjoy most things in Moonee Ponds, mainly because MP is such a cool name for a borough (when driving through the area, I can frequently be heard saying, ‘Moonee Ponds – woooohooooooo!!’).

magic mint cafe moonee ponds indian

Magic Mint Cafe

When I sit down at an Indian restaurant, I feel like there’s a whole food genre which I still need to explore, and I still get excited when browsing the menu. It’s like picking up a history book in which I do not have much knowledge about, yet. I know I’m about to fill in a bunch of blanks, and I can dig that. And so it goes with Indian food. For a starter, we opt for the vegetable somosa.

vegetable somosa magic mint cafe moonee ponds

Vegetable Somosa

This homemade pastry was awesome! It was filled with some lightly spiced potato and peas. Very light and fresh and went down a treat. Me and T then decide on some naan. She orders some garlic naan, and I decide to try something new, and opt for the Kasmiri naan.

kasmiri naan magic mint cafe moonee ponds

Kasmiri Naan

The garlic naan was good, but we both agreed more garlic could have improved it. In my limited garlic naan experience, I’ve had better. However, I thought the Kasmiri naan was delicious! It’s a food item which I need to learn to make myself, because I could snack on this naan all the time. It seemed relatively healthy, because it was filled with dried fruit and nuts. Tasty. For a side dish, we both agreed to try some coconut rice. I have a picture for this, but let me describe what it looks like for you. It’s a bowl of white rice. And it is fluffy. There is a subtle coconut taste to go with it. There, I have just described what a bowl of white rice looks like! Our entrees also arrive.

spinach chicken magic mint cafe moonee ponds

Spinach Chicken

We both really enjoyed this spinach chicken. When chicken simmers in a fresh spinach puree with some added spices, how can you go wrong? I thought the ratio of chicken to spinach was perfect too. While this entree was great, the next one was better. How do I know this? Due to there being no leftovers!

butter chicken magic mint cafe

Butter Chicken

As usual, this butter chicken does not disappoint. Perhaps the quantity could be increased, but that’s only because I’m used to monster portions back in the States. I could just eat the sauce mixed with the coconut rice and be happy and satisfied, but throw in some chicken and I have a veritable Indian feast! Our table was completely filled with plates of deliciousness, which is most ideal. Our bellys were pleased.

For a Friday night, I was surprised this place wasn’t filled up. The service may have been slow at times, and there was no music playing for about half the time we were there. But the food was great and reasonably priced, and most likely we will be back. After all, it’s in Moonee Ponds. Waaahoooooooo!!!

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