Tiamo on Lygon!

Ahhh, Lygon Street, home to Little Italy in the grand city of Melbourne. After perusing urbanspoon.com for a higher rated restaurant to dine, me and the wife choose Tiamo. There was still time to call an audible as we walked up the street and passed by both full and empty restaurants. I was hoping there would be just a few tables left at our pre-chosen destination. As luck would have it, there was a table open outside, where the temperature was just about right. The inside seemed cluttered as well, so I’d rather have the extra space outside where we could both people watch just like we did in Little Italy in the NY City. (Il Paesano’s, holler.)

When it comes to Italian food, I like just about all of it. By default I like to try the chicken parmigiana, and I tend to stay away from the pastas since I feel I can make similar or better dishes myself at home. So tonight I went for the lasagna! I love me some lasagna. I also love me some bruschetta, especially the good kind which makes the tongue zing and comes with crostinis or something similar. When I choose to eat Italian, or if Italian food is in my vicinity, or if wine is in my vicinity, then I imbibe!! So me and T order a carafe of some sauvignon blanc, and what I like the most about it is the fact the wine is served in two smaller round drinking glasses. It’s just nonpretentious and makes for good drinking. The bruschetta arrives.

bruschetta tiamos melbourne


I’ve only enjoyed bruschetta with a tomato salad as a topping, and this fits the bill. Perhaps this was an off night. Perhaps we were the unlucky table who received the end crust of the bread loaf. Perhaps we were destined tonight of nights to not enjoy whatever appetizer we chose. And so it goes. The tomato salad was tasty, but the crostini it was served on was stale. Such a disappointment here, but I remain optimistic. We have half a carafe left of some good juice to flow into our main. Eventually our entrees arrive, and I’m overjoyed by what sits before me.

lasagna tiamo's melbourne victoria australia

lasagna before

Yes, while this looks fantastic, I think it needs a little something something. That was no typo folks, I know what I do. Time to shower this beast of a lasagna with some parm!

lasagna at tiamo's melbourna australia parmigiana

lasagna after! with love.

A little or a lot of parmigiana never hurt anybody – it only helped’em. [I envision an unlucky soul who has fallen down a dank and dark well and somehow landed properly. This unlucky soul can turn his luck around with a dose of heaping parmigiana. Who needs a rope when there’s parmigiana to be had!] The dish, which I surprisingly indeed did finish, was fantastic! I have now forgiven Tiamo for it’s stale breaded bruschetta, and so has T since her chicken and mushroom alfredo was very nice. I tried it as well and concur.

chicken and mushrooms alfredo

chicken and mushroom alfredo

The meal was filling. Filled with great food and conversation and wonderful Lygon sidewalk atmosphere. There’s also some wine left at this point, and I feel it is a duty of mine to finish what I started. So for dessert, I get to spend time with this lovely girl. Do you think she looks happy I’m taking her picture?


not happy with pictures!

Thank you Tiamo. Thank you for a wonderful dinner and introduction into the Little Italy in Melbourne. I’ll be back.

Tiamo on Urbanspoon

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