Tookaiya in Niddrie

It’s great to find solid restaurants close to one’s home. And upon moving here, T pointed out this Japanese restaurant on multiple occasions saying it’s one of her favorites. So on our two month anniversary, we decide to head down the street and feast! Yes, her enthusiasm for this place was contagious, and rightly so! We pop in early on a Friday shortly after opening, and it’s good we did. While the restaurant was near empty at this point, it seemed every table was reserved, and by the time we left it indeed was. We get a great table next to a wall which pleases me, since I do not feel like I’m floating on an island or something in the middle of the restaurant. No I’m not weird, I just like to sit next to walls. OK I’m weird. Instead of getting two entrees, we opt to get a nice spread of dishes to get a nice sampling of this place. We agree on two dishes and each choose one as well. Spoiler alert: she chooses the winner of the four.

The first dish which arrives is the Gyoza, which is Japanese pan fried dumplings stuffed with meat and vegetables. This went down a treat, and placated the hunger for just a bit.

gyoza tookaiya niddrie japanese best


While we’re munching on the Gyoza, the almighty Unagi arrives. Eel is great. As a kid, I would never have guessed eel would be delicious, but now I obviously love it! T doesn’t like Unagi so mo fo me. Just look at this Unagi and tell me it doesn’t look good!

unagi eel tookaiya niddrie japanese


Within mere moments the Yakitori arrives, which are chicken skewers with teriyaki sauce. Simple and delicious!

yakitori japanese niddrie melbourne


And then comes the moment in which my life and soul (and taste buds!) is introduced to a Japanese pancake. T chose this and raved about it all day in the run up to our dinner. Me being an American, I think of a pancake as breakfast food with syrup or fruit on top. This is where I must facepalm. Sigh. Oh how wrong I have been. The name of this pancake is Okonomiyaki, which is a vegetable pan cake served with mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, and bonito.

japanese pan cake okonomiyaki niddrie


It is so good we order another one. This time with the bonito on the side, so I can see the dried fish dance before me. I’m not sure the name of the dance, and I couldn’t pronounce it after a few glasses of wine anyways, but I let it dance in my BELLY!! Solid. And that concludes the night. I can really dig how seemingly every employee comes by our table and takes care of us. And most importantly the food was amazing. Because Tookaiya is right down the road a piece, we’ll be making our way there again real soon. Tookaiya!

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